Vident Core International Equity Index ETF Overview

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ETFs Adjust Expense Ratios

ETFs from multiple issuers have all made changes to their expense ratios as we kick off 2018.

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Socially Responsible Investing With ETFs

A group of ETFs is making ESG investing accessible to everyone.

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3 ETFs With The Widest Trading Spreads

Wide spreads can take a big bite out of investors' wallets.

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PIMCO Drama Helped Create Vident ETF

A big money manager in Atlanta—and the Bill Gross soap opera in California—had everything to do with the creation of a bond ETF from Vident.

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New ETF Issuer WBI Pulls In $1B-Plus

Fund issuer surprises with huge money inflow into 10 new funds.

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ETF Watch: ALPS/Sprott Gold Miners Debuts

New ETF tracks gold and silver mining companies.

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Daily ETF Watch: Vident Plans Bond Fund

It will bet on investment-grade securities. Analysis

'Smart Beta' 6: A Better Definition

In a world without 'smart beta,' strategy is king.

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ETF Report: The Smart-Beta Trap

Despite its outperformance and nontraditional approaches to indexing, Dave Nadig warns investors that smart beta comes with its own set of risks and problems.