WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend Index ETF Overview

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Positioning Your Portfolio As 2017 Wanes

International stock, small-caps and cyclicals are all good ideas for the remainder of the year.

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Top 10 Smart Beta ETFs Of 2015

Some popular smart-beta funds managed to outperform their plain-vanilla counterparts.

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ETFs Designed For ECB’s Bond Buying Binge

With quantitative easing looking likely in the eurozone, it’s time to assess which ETFs might be best.

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Structure Matters: Schwartz On DXJ & Hedging

WisdomTree’s director of research Jeremy Schwartz discusses the firm’s recent white paper on modern indexing.

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ETF Watch: 'Yield Optimized' ETF Debuts

iShares rolls out fund-of-funds bond ETF.

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Daily ETF Watch: Mutual Fund Plans ETNs

Barclays Bank is looking to roll out a MLP ETN with a familiar mutual fund company.

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Euro Small-Cap ETF Crushing It

Europe’s debt crisis is running its course—just look at the red-hot small-cap space.

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Structure Matters: AlphaDex in Europe

First Trust’s Issakainen discusses how the firm’s methodology applies its value model.