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Vanguard Uses Dual Shares To Divvy Up Foreign Small-Caps

New international small-cap stock index fund shows how fund giant plans to cater to both ETF and traditional indexers at the same time.

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Vanguard Files For Int'l SC Index Fund & ETF

The Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap Index Fund will come in three versions—institutional, investor and ETF share classes.  

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Ten ETFs I’m Thankful For

The ETF industry has given us a lot to be thankful for: lower costs, better diversification, lower taxes.

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Advisor Finding Eye-Opening Yields In Stocks & Bonds

Portfolio manager finding a silver lining to market's downturn. He's utilizing ETFs with attractive yields to help cushion the blow. 

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Are Small-Cap Foreign ETFs Up To The Challenge?

ETFs aren't the lowest-priced option now in small-cap international waters. An active mutual fund with a strong track record enters the scene. 

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 Emerging Market ETFs Compared

With the economies of the U.S. and Western Europe falling into or nearing recession, the idea of diversifying one's portfolio into emerging markets takes on greater significance...

Journal Of Indexes

Institutional Uses Of ETFs

A quiet growth story with important implications

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 The Best Small-Cap International ETF

Investors are increasingly frustrated with the growing correlation between large-cap U.S. and large-cap international stocks, and they're turning to small-cap international for help. The theory is that small-cap companies will be more closely tied to local economic conditions, and as a result, will offer more of a diversification benefit than large-caps. A recent study by Steven Schoenfeld and Stefanie Jaron in the Journal of Indexes ("International Equities," Jan/Feb 2008) supported this idea with hard data.