WisdomTree Middle East Dividend Index ETF Overview

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Investing In The Frontier

Have frontier markets like Vietnam and Nigeria lived up to their promise?

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: More Fund Closures Coming

VanEck is shuttering two country ETFs in October.

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ETF For Investing In The Middle East

Saudi Arabia could be landing in a fund soon.

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Mideast Violence, MSCI Changes Hit ETFs

Once-surging Mideast markets are now moving downward.

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3 Top-Performing Frontier ETFs

UAE is, for now, at the vanguard of an increasingly prosperous frontier market universe.

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Why iShares’ ‘FM’ Is About To Get Better

UAE and Qatar leaving iShares frontier ETF ‘FM’ poses problems, but will make the fund better.

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Frontier Market ETFs Deliver Returns

Funds like FM and GULF look attractive as an alternative to emerging market exposure.

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Dorsey: Go Long US & Gulf States (Premium)

Leading technical researcher says to continue focusing on the U.S. and developed markets for now.

ETF Alpha Think Tank

Tom Dorsey: Go Long US and Gulf States, Shun Latin America

Tom Dorsey is one of the leading technical researchers of our time. He co-founded Dorsey, Wright & Associates, a registered investment advisory firm based in Richmond, Va., that specializes in point & figure charting, relative strength and other technical analysis.