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5 ETFs On The Verge Of Breakouts

The slight rally in the stock this week has investors back in a buying mood, but sector ETFs aren’t the only ETFs reaping the benefits as a handful of funds are breaking through or reaching close to 52-week highs, according to an article on Benzinga.

These ETFs are showing signs of a promise, according to the article:

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Zacks To Launch Yield Payout, MLP ETFs

Zacks set to jump into the ETF game with two funds firmly focused on income.

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Choose The Right Payout ETF

With the equity market plunging this month and interest rates so low, it’s no wonder investors are piling into dividend ETFs to supplement their incomes.

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Thoughts On Dividend ETFs

This morning, I got into an argument with our managing editor, Olly Ludwig, about dividend ETFs.

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HDV: A Game Changer


s a new dividend ETF in town and it

s quickly gaining in popularity.