Ana Kostioukova Analysis

The World's Most Misleading ETF Names

Sometimes the name of an ETF doesn’t mean what you’d think it does. Analysis

The Wackiest ETF Filing Yet

The recent LocalShares filing for a city-specific ETF attracted my attention, but not in a good way. Analysis

Vanguard Changes Not Radical

Vanguard’s indexing announcement last week created quite a stir, but investors need to take a deep breath. Analysis

EGPT And Beyond: 2012’s Top ETFs So Far

Who knew Egypt would be the best ETF as the third quarter draws to a close? Analysis

Gold Miner ETFs Besting Gold

Since mid-July, gold miner ETFs have been beating physically held funds like GLD handily. So what’s going on? Analysis

ETFs For Rising Home Prices

The housing market may have hit bottom—so what’s the ETF play on rising home prices? Analysis

HEDJ’s New Lease On Life

HEDJ tightens its currency-hedged focus on Europe, arguably a good move when the eurozone is in turmoil. Analysis

Russell ETF Closures Dilemma

Russell’s ‘strategic review’ has turned into a full-scale closure of all but one of its ETFs, and an active one at that. Analysis

The Pros And Cons Of Gold Miner ETFs

Look before you leap when it comes to gold miner ETFs.