Ana Kostioukova Analysis

Social Media ETFs

Social media has made quite a splash, even in the world of ETFs. But is it deserved? Analysis

Beyond Poor GREK

European officials have been kicking the can down the road for years. But it seems like that road is ending sooner rather than later. Investors beware. Analysis

Is It Safe To Own Leveraged ETFs Again?

If ever there was a golden era to hold inverse or leveraged equity ETFs, the past six months have been it. Analysis

Beyond ETF Expense Ratios

It’s great to find an ETF with a dirt-cheap expense ratio, but it’s even better to find a fund that tracks its index closely.

Features and News

Diamond ETF May Not Be An Investor's Best Friend

Trying to fit diamonds, a luxury good, into the commodity ETF space is a pricing stretch. Analysis

Diamond ETF In The Rough?

The proposed IndexIQ Physical Diamond Trust strikes me as nonsense, and I’ll tell you why. Analysis

Free ETFs Don’t Work

In the ETF world, it’s no secret that the early bird gets the AUM, leaving latecomers to battle it out. Analysis

High-Payout ETFs (Correction)

High-dividend ETFs are all the rage these days due to uncertainty in the global economy. But pity the investors who have more than 50 funds to choose from. Analysis

A Sprott Fund That’s Not

The recently registered Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust is just convoluted.