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Playing Commodities Through Currency ETFs

One way to evaluate currency ETFs is by their exposure to commodities. Under such a microscope, this group is acting quite differently. Analysis

Emerging Market Returns Wrong?

A London Business School prof is saying that emerging markets' growth over the long term is actually half of developed markets. That really sounds fishy to me.

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Aussie, Canadian Currencies Hold Promise In '09

Although the U.S. dollar and Chinese yuan are positive this year, strong cases can be made for ETFs holding Australian and Canadian dollars. 

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Trio Of Alternative ETFs Remains Above The Fray

Three funds are outperforming the broader stock market. And these ETFs appear to have strong fundamentals as longer-term portfolio plays. 

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New Market Realities Require More Diversity, Not Less

Changing trends in currencies, agriculture and biotech demand more awareness of emerging asset classes and industries in building portfolios. 

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Leveraged ETFs Offer Double-Edged Sword

Leveraged ETFs make sophisticated strategies seem easy. But take careful note of how they're really performing in today's volatile markets.

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Alternative Views: The Pros & Cons Of Currency ETFs

Here's a rundown of what these ETFs are designed to do—and what they're not. Hint: They're a very different sort of animal.