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Time For Crack Spreads?

Managing editor of
Brad Zigler demystifies the obscure trading

  • The simple arithmetic
  • The ebb and flow of refining margins
  • Capacity utilizationf


Journal Of Indexes

The Curmudgeon - Behavioral Finance’s Fractured Future

Brad Zigler People over-think behavioral finance. They use complex scientific studies, MRI exams, brain-imaging technology and lots of other scientific gibber-jabber to try to show that you can use behavioral finance to improve your investment activity. But it’s really very simple, if you just look at the words. There’s behavior and there’s finance. Words we know.

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Are We At The Bottom Of The Ethanol Barrel?

Managing editor of Brad Zigler examines the viability of meeting the U.S. 2022 biofuels mandate.
  • The squeeze is on
  • Factoring the corn crush equation
  • Have ethanol producers' fortunes turned?

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A Bumper Crop Of Agricultural Products

Managing editor of
Brad Zigler talks turkey about the plethora of
ag products coming to market.

  • Well-timed bonanza
  • Volume tells the story
  • The ETN skew


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Translating Currencies Through Gold Managing Editor Brad Zigler reexamines the theory of purchasing power parity, spotlighting gold's recent history.

  • Greenback as benchmark
  • Revisiting Econ 101
  • Dollar-selling overdone?

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Making Sense of Commodity Products

Whittling through the smorgasbord of offerings.

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Making Sense Of Commodity Products

Brad Zigler, managing editor of, sheds light on customizing your ETF/ETN portfolio.

  • Teeming with options
  • Which funds best fit your investment demeanor?
  • Charting your priorities

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Where Are The Short Funds?

As the commodity markets gyrate, HAI Managing Editor Brad Zigler wonders: Where are all the bear-market funds?
  • Commodities boom can't go on forever
  • The successful DB Gold funds
  • Playing the crack spread with ETFs

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Behind The Green Curtain - Commodity Index Funds?

Is Gene Epstein of Barron's right? Are index funds really skewing the commodity markets? A close look at the numbers.

  • Fact-checking Epstein's article
  • Commodity-by-commodity long exposure
  • Ready for a pullback?