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Pork Outdoes Gold In The First Quarter

How did individual commodities fare in the first three months of the year? We run the numbers and find a few surprises.

  • Gold beaten by most metals, including copper
  • Why the market's bullish on gasoline
  • Bullish on cotton, not on sugar

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How To Straddle The Gold Market

Don't pass up a golden opportunity to play cheap volatility premiums in everyone's favorite precious metal.
  • Why gold's caught in a tug of war
  • Why strangles and straddles work in range-bound markets
  • Running the numbers on a gold strangle

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Sugar: Too Much Of A Bad Thing

Sugar's fallen a long way off its 29-year highs. But is the current sell-off overdone?
  • Why sugar's decline comes back to supply catch-up
  • Will seasonality and falling yields help support prices?
  • Is sugar's future sweet?

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Palladium: A Price Too Far

So far, palladium’s skyrocketed this year. But can the good times last?
  • Why palladium's ‘parabolic’ price rise is worrisome
  • How PALL is driven by the news
  • Is it time to take money off the table?

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In Spring, Oil Traders’ Thoughts Turn To Spreads

What’s the real relationship between gasoline and heating oil—and how can investors use it to their advantage?
  • Consumption patterns: gas vs. heating oil
  • What’s inventory got to do with it?
  • Why a spread trade makes sense

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A New Reserve Currency?

China and Russia are calling to replace the world's dollar reserves with the SDR. But does such an idea make sense?
  • What's behind the proposal?
  • How the SDR's currency basket has changed
  • Why switching to the SDR won't work

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A Golden Future In Your Mailbox?

Junior gold miners ‘exploding’ by 1,500%? We examine the outrageous claims made by one direct mail ‘special offer.’
  • Are ‘monster gains’ too good to be true?
  • Truth vs. fiction in returns
  • The Guinness Exploration connection

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Which Commodity ETPs Have Momentum?

What can a fund's 10-month moving average tell you about its future?
  • How to capture long-term cyclicality with ETFs
  • Is COW ready for a bullish turnaround?
  • Is UNG a good momentum buy right now?

Features and News

Gold And Stocks Riding The Same Bus

Is the yellow metal losing its historic diversification benefits?

  • Changing correlations
  • The new bond connection
  • A model portfolio look-back