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 The 6 Steps You Should Take Before Buying An ETN

ETNs have been getting a lot of bad press lately. Between the path-dependent fees embedded in some prospectuses, the collapsing premiums on ETNs that have closed creations, and leveraged products that have moved the wrong way, it hasn't been a good time to be an ETN—or an issuer, for that matter. Analysis

Choose The Right Payout ETF

With the equity market plunging this month and interest rates so low, it’s no wonder investors are piling into dividend ETFs to supplement their incomes. Analysis

Facebook’s IPO And The Q’s

Nasdaq turned heads a few weeks ago when it made some changes to its index rules, because everyone felt it was all about Facebook’s IPO. But look before you leap.

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Sell GAZ Now: ETN Trades Up To 119% Premium

Rising premium for iPath Natural Gas ETN is both a red flag and a sell signal.

Features and News

Sell GAZ Now: ETN Trades To 119% Premium

The natural gas ETN trades at more than twice its fair value. That won’t last forever. Analysis

Best Agriculture ETF? TAGs vs. USAG vs. DBA

What's the best broad-based agriculture commodities ETF to meet your needs? Analysis

Why I Won’t Be Buying TAGS

What’s a worse idea than buying four expensive single-commodity ETFs? Buying an even more expensive ETF that holds those four expensive single-commodity ETFs. Analysis

Thoughts On Dividend ETFs

This morning, I got into an argument with our managing editor, Olly Ludwig, about dividend ETFs.

Features and News

The Front-Month Commodity ETF Fallacy

If you’re still holding a commodities ETF that invests in front-month futures, it’s time to upgrade.