Carolyn Hill Analysis

The Front-Month ETF Fallacy

If you’re still holding a commodities ETF that invests in front-month futures, it’s time to upgrade. Analysis

Ready For Big Bets Abroad?

For all of you risk-hungry investors out there, PowerShares has two new ETFs. Analysis

Is The Cheapest ETF The Best?

State Street recently lowered the expense ratios on its sector SPDRs to 0.18 percent, making them once again the cheapest U.S. sector ETFs around. Analysis

What’s Up With Banks?

On Friday, three small banks closed their doors—the first such closures of 2012. Analysis

Echoes Of SPLV’s Midas Touch?

Last week, PowerShares launched two new international ‘low volatility’ ETFs. But will they replicate the success of SPLV? Analysis

A Visit To The ETF Graveyard

The recent rash of fund closures has probably left many investors wondering which ETFs are next. Analysis

The Case For Commodities ETNs

Investors frustrated with the back-and-forth going on in the equities market are probably considering moving into commodities. Analysis

The KBW Index Shuffle

For indexing nerds, the story behind competing families of PowerShares and SSgA financial ETFs is worth digging into. Analysis

Farms, Housing And Investing

It appears that something good is finally developing out of the housing crisis.