Carolyn Hill Analysis

Is EEM Back?

In October, flows into EEM outpaced those into VWO for the first time since April. So what’s up? Analysis

Quelling Eurozone Blues

European markets have been plagued by bad news and volatility for months. Luckily, ETF investors have tools with which to protect themselves. Analysis

Physical Or Futures?

One of the major misunderstandings many investors have about commodities ETFs is how futures-based ETFs work. Analysis

Dividend ETFs Beckon

Dividend ETFs have been all the rage lately, and it’s not hard to see why. Analysis

What's In Your Bond ETF?

Over the past month or so, I’ve watched movements of bond ETFs with great interest. Analysis

Another Me-Too ETF

When I look at all the various ETFs that are in the works, I find myself wondering if sometimes we’re seeing too much of a good thing. Analysis

Japan Downgrade And ETFs

Moody’s downgraded Japan’s sovereign debt rating on Tuesday from ‘Aa2’ to ‘AA3,’ citing the budget deficit and buildup in government debt. Analysis

How Important Is Style?

People have been talking about ‘growth’ vs. ‘value’ investing for a long time and, judging by the growing ETF market, they’re not going to stop talking any time soon. Analysis

Retraction: The Power Of Securities Lending

The blog 'The Power Of Securities Lending' contained incorrrect returns of the ETFs discussed. Because of those erroneous data, IndexUniverse is retracting the blog. We apologize for the error.