Carolyn Hill Analysis

A Cloud Computing ETF?

What is cloud computing, and does it have a place alongside tech you might already own? Analysis

How Greece Is Affecting Your Portfolio

Greece is a mess, and it may be impacting your portfolio in unexpected ways. Analysis

GAF: Gaffe Or Good Choice?

SPDR has marketed GAF as an ‘emerging Middle East & Africa’ ETF since its inception in March 2007. That's a little bit misleading. Analysis

A Family Of Contango Killers?

Barclays just launched 18 ‘pure beta’ commodities ETNs. But what exactly does ‘pure beta’ mean?

ETF Report

 Eurozone Vs. Pan-European: Know The Difference

So you think you know Europe? Many U.S. investors claim they have a handle on the Old World, but the Europe of the past is rapidly evolving. The truth is, as the European Union has grown, a divergent line has formed. There are really two Europes now: the eurozone, with countries that have embraced the euro as their currency; and geographic Europe, a pan-European view that includes non-EU countries—namely, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

ETF Report

 The First-To-Market Myth

According to popular theory, first-to-market ETFs have distinct competitive advantages in attracting investors over their slower-moving peers. Issuers race to launch funds before their competitors, eager to grab investor attention and take advantage of that early-launch momentum. Those looking for evidence need only consider the gold ETFs: The SPDR Gold ETF (NYSE Arca: GLD) launched in November 2004 and built up over $52 billion in AUM.

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Schwab Sets Plan To Use ETFs In 401(k)s

Could Schwab 401(k) plans turn the world of mutual funds upside down?

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ETF Tracking Error Fell In 2010, Study Says

ETF tracking errors dropped last year, partly because managers were more efficient.

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FactorShares ETFs In Free-Trading Program

FactorShares’ new spread ETFs join the commission-free trading revolution.