Cinthia Murphy

Cinthia Murphy is managing editor of, specializing in all things ETFs. Her experience includes time at Dow Jones and former BridgeNews, covering commodity futures markets in Chicago and Brazil equities in Sao Paulo. Murphy has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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Schwab Drafts Plans For REIT ETF

Schwab appears to be gunning for Vanguard’s VNQ with plans for a REIT ETF of its own.

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SummerHaven Rolls Out New Commodities Indexes

Two new active commodities indexes show SummerHaven is intent on finding creative ways for commodities investors to profit.

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First Trust To Cut BICK’s Fees

In a competitive gesture to VWO, First Trust plans to cut the cost of its emerging markets ETF ‘BICK.’

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Buy Dividend-Paying Stocks, SSgA Says

Hunker down and think about investments like dividend-paying stocks to survive the tough slog ahead,

State Street

’s Farley says.

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Kranefuss: May 6 Showed System’s Frailty

Former iShares head Lee Kranefuss says the ‘flash crash’ has much to teach us, but it did nothing to derail the ETF juggernaut.

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GLD’s Run Is Tip Of Precious Metals Iceberg

Gold isn’t the only precious metal spiking in price these days as investors run for cover.

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Vanguard Launches S&P 500 ETF, Eyes SPY

Its dream to offer an S&P 500 ETF realized, Vanguard takes aim at SPY, the world’s biggest ETF.

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Housing Market A ‘Puzzle,’ Shiller Says

Unraveling what’s behind a slowing housing market means looking beyond the usual suspects, Yale’s Robert Shiller says.

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Vanguard Trumps iShares In Adviser Loyalty

iShares is still the undisputed heavyweight in the ETF space, but a new study says advisers are liking Vanguard more and more.