Corey Hoffstein

Corey Hoffstein is co-founder and CIO of Newfound Research. He researched and developed the firm’s core momentum models that have been used to help power tactical asset allocation decisions for $10 billion+. Hoffstein is a frequent contributor to’s Strategist Corner and’s Great Speculations blog.

ETF Strategist Corner

Key History Lessons For Asset Allocation

The past teaches us a lot, but including uncertainty is key for a more predictable future outcome.

ETF Strategist Corner

Perspective’s Role In Factor Returns

Do factors actually die? Or is it all just a matter of investor lack of faith? 

ETF Strategist Corner

Uncertainty Can Create Confidence

Focus on creating well-constructed portfolios rather than on reading the data tea leaves.

ETF Strategist Corner

How To Predict Bond ETF Returns

It’s not always clear where the market is headed, but there’s an easy-to-understand rule that helps you forecast returns.

ETF Strategist Corner

Here’s A Portfolio Based On JP Morgan’s 2017 Outlook

Credit-based exposures will be key to unlocking the optimal risk/reward trade-off.

ETF Strategist Corner

Factor Rotation Is Possible, But Is It Worth It?

While 2016 may have been the year of multifactor products, in many ways it was the year of factor rotation research.

ETF Report

 Integrated Vs. Mixed Multifactor ETF Portfolios

Which approach is the better way to build a multifactor portfolio?

ETF Strategist Corner

Mixed Vs. Integrated Multifactor ETF Portfolios

Which approach is the better way to build a multifactor portfolios?

ETF Strategist Corner

Which Is Better: Mixed Or Integrated Multifactor ETFs?

There are two different approaches to building a smart-beta portfolio. Why one is better than the other.