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Mark Mobius: Why I’m Buying Frontier Markets Now

Legendary investor Mark Mobius explains where investors should be putting their money today. (Part 1 of a series.)

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Uranium’s Tough Outlook

The problem with uranium investing is simple right now: Prices are cheap and mining stock prices are expensive. But opportunities exist in small-caps.
  • Government intervention = adverse material impact?
  • ‘Global nuclear renaissance’ put on hold
  • Whither the hedge funds?

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Quant ETF Opportunity?

In the last month, I’ve written about two long/short quant products, which I think may be about to experience some unusual volatility in this quarter’s market environment. Using any dips in these products as potential buying opportunities will make for a strategic long-term bet.

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Equities And Commodities Will Decouple

U.S. equities and commodity prices have moved in lockstep recently, but those days are over. Let the great decoupling begin.

  • Definitive decoupling triggers
  • How the export market will be affected
  • Another asset-class bubble coming?

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Will RevenueShares’ Outperformance Continue?

The RevenueShares ETFs have delivered spectacular returns this year. Will the good times keep coming?

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Popular China Index Expands Holdings


Twenty new companies joined the popular Halter USX China Index (NYSEArca: HXC), which tracks the shares of Chinese companies listed on the
U.S. stock exchange. The index is the basis for the $425 million PowerShares Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio (NYSEArca: PGJ).

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A Different Perspective On CAF

Matt Hougan's article on Morgan Stanley's closed-end China fund only tells half the story on whether or not domestic Chinese equities are truly overpriced.

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 LSC: The Long And Short Of It

If you hanker for an exchange-traded product that simulates real-time long-short commodity futures trading over the long term, the ELEMENTS S&P Commodity Trends Indicator ETN (NYSE Arca: LSC) could be the right investment vehicle.

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The Next Big Thing: Emerging Asia

Cris Sholto Heaton’s recent article on investing in the small Asian countries outside China and
India brings a welcome change to the usual run-of-the-mill emerging markets coverage.