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Tapping Into Israel: Two Vastly Different Choices

Israel is moving up, at least in some indexes. But the options for fund investors are limited. Here are the two most readily available options.

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An Early Peek At 130/30 ETF Strategies

Is CSM really sluggish out of the gate? Looking beneath the hood reveals some interesting notes about how it’s trying to gain some alpha.

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Misreading Spain

There has been surprisingly little discussion this year about the iShares MSCI Spain Index ETF (NYSEArca: EWP).

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Bond Auctions, Volatility In Asia Impacts ETFs

Currency and bond ETFs figure to respond to auctions and other recent events in Asia over the weekend.


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BGI Report: ETF Assets Swell During Summer

Global ETF assets hit all-time high this summer as small-caps and REITs soar.


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CMI Data: Good News For Consumer Staples ETFs?

CMI figures could pose good news for consumer staples exchange-traded fund investors.


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First State-Specific ETFs Set To Launch

Two ETFs, one for Texas and another covering Oklahoma, are set to launch around Sept. 18.



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Big Banks Vs. Regionals: Polarizing Performances

The ETFs available to slice-and-dice banking sectors offer a glimpse into how much diversity, size and scope are impacting returns.


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Real Estate, Financials Lead In August

Real estate and financials lead in August as emerging markets ETFs lag.