Dave Nadig

Prior to becoming chief investment officer and director of research at ETF Trends, Dave Nadig was managing director of ETF.com. Previously, he was director of ETFs at FactSet Research Systems. Before that, as managing director at BGI, Nadig helped design some of the first ETFs. As co-founder of Cerulli Associates, he conducted some of the earliest research on fee-only financial advisors and the rise of indexing.

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Wise Words From Regulators

The joint report on the ‘flash crash’ is must-reading for every investor.

Features and News

ETF Insider Trading: It’s BHH

The Financial Times has a story out on how the SEC is investigating how certain traders may be using ETFs to mask insider trading. All they really need to do is look.

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EGPT: Looming Tracking Error

With the Egyptian markets closed and EGPT closed for creations, funny things are happening.

ETF Report

 The Facts About ETF Settlement

Short-selling is the bugaboo of global financial markets. Just say the words and regulators, journalists and even institutional investors start to hyperventilate.

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VWO Wins Common Sense Award

It should come as no surprise that VWO has beaten EEM at its own game. If only the rest of the market were so rational.

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The Next Trillion? ETFs In 401(k)s

The current ETF market has been built on the backs of savvy advisors and institutional traders. The next trillion is coming one payroll at a time.

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Emerging Markets Are For Real

Sorry Paul, I think you’re missing the core promise of emerging markets.

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An ETF Thanksgiving

In this time of reflection, let’s consider how much worse things could be.

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: SPY Bleeds $1.14 Billion

SPY suffered $1.14 billion in redemptions on Friday Nov. 12, as total assets in U.S. ETFs fell to $966 billion.