Debbie Carlson

Debbie Carlson is a contributor to and ETF Report.

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Biggest Trends In 2017 ETF Rollouts

Commodity funds were also popular, while currency hedging fell out of favor.

ETF Report

Save Time With Practice Management Tools

An overview of some choices available to advisors.

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Can Target-Maturity Bond ETFs Replace Individual Bonds?

Bond-laddering techniques are popular among advisors to help clients smooth income and spread risk along the yield curve.

ETF Report

Starting From Scratch In ETFs

The many traditional active management mutual fund firms that have recently entered the ETF space look to grow.

ETF Report

Hunting The Giant ETF Issuers

A look at the concepts the second-tier ETF firms are staking their businesses on.

ETF Report

Top Performing Active ETFs

With only 10 actively managed ETFs crossing the $1 billion mark, we look at what they have in common.

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Top REIT ETFs Show Similarities, Differences

A look at what's happening under the surfaces of the leading REIT ETFs.

ETF Report

Understanding Smart Beta Factors

We examine what investors should consider when looking at multifactor funds.

ETF Report

Dechert Paves Way For Improved ETF Regulations

One of the leading law firms for ETFs knows the ins and outs of the industry and its structure.