Debbie Carlson

Debbie Carlson is a contributor to and ETF Report.

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Actively ESG

How important is transparency to ESG investors?

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Canada's ETF Industry Sees Record Growth

The country’s ETF market is breaking new ground and growth records.

ETF Report

The Rock Stars Of Indexing

The rundown on the key index providers in the space today.

ETF Report

Evolution of Indexing

The nature of indexes has shifted significantly over the past 25 years.

ETF Report

Economics of Indexing

Costs and profits have changed greatly over the last few decades.

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ETF Risks & How To Avoid Them

The risks surrounding ETFs and what investors should care about.

ETF Report

Low Rates: Nowhere To Go But Down?

Low rates are a problem, but there are ways to address it.

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How 4 Advisors Use Emerging Market ETFs

Advisors describe how they incorporate emerging markets in their portfolios and the ETFs they use to do it.

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COVID Impact Varies Across Emerging Market ETFs

Emerging markets have been hit hard by coronavirus, but some were hit harder than others.