Debbie Carlson

Debbie Carlson is a contributor to and ETF Report.

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Smart Beta Vs. Factor Funds: What's The Difference?

Think smart beta and factor investing are the same thing? Think again.

ETF Report

Bitcoin Nipping At Gold Demand

Despite the media hype, don’t expect gold to go anywhere.

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Fixed Income ETFs Jump Into ESG

A small space in the ETF world gets a little bigger with recent launches.

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Evolving Principles Changing ESG Space

Newer funds take a more customized perspective as impact investing gains attention.

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Exploring Covered Call Strategies

ETFs offer access to a popular options approach.

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ETF University 2018

A guide to the ins and outs of ETFs.

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Biggest Trends In 2017 ETF Rollouts

Commodity funds were also popular, while currency hedging fell out of favor.

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Save Time With Practice Management Tools

An overview of some choices available to advisors.

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Can Target-Maturity Bond ETFs Replace Individual Bonds?

Bond-laddering techniques are popular among advisors to help clients smooth income and spread risk along the yield curve.