Devin Riley

Devin Riley is a former ETF analyst at Analysis

Biotech ETFs: Not All Equal

Biotech is a red-hot sector, but if you're not looking you could end up in a lukewarm fund. Analysis

The Rise Of An ETF Giant

When it comes to ETF brands, iShares has long been at the top of the heap. But will it last? Analysis

Norway Oil Strike Rattles ETFs

The recent oil strike in Norway briefly sent crude prices higher as investors anticipated reduced output. It was also instructive for ETF investors. Analysis

Are Sector ETFs Good Hedges?

Goldman released a research note recently on the pitfalls of using sector ETFs as a hedge that made too much of very little. Analysis

Junk Bond ETF Outflows Grow

It’s been a banner year for junk-bond ETFs as yield-hungry investors have sought bigger returns than the meager rates on more highly rated debt. But the ground may be shifting now. Analysis

Junk Bond ETF Tracking Error

Tracking error, an often-ignored pitfall in index funds, looms large in high-yield bond ETFs. Analysis

Avoiding JP Morgan In ETFs

Trading losses at J.P. Morgan have left some investors looking to exit the stock—here’s how to avoid JPM in ETFs. Analysis

Facebook's Effect On Tech ETFs

Facebook’s IPO is the news of the day. What does it mean for ETF investors? Analysis

Merk’s OUNZ Opens New Door

The Merk Gold Trust, a bullion ETF currently in registration, is setting out to change part of the way ETFs work.