Devin Riley

Devin Riley is a former ETF analyst at Analysis

Limited Int’l REIT ETF Choice

ETF investors looking for a lot of different ways to access non-U.S. real estate markets are likely to be a bit frustrated. Analysis

Avoid The ETF Leverage Trap

Sometimes working in the ETF industry can cause you to lose sight of the way retail investors view exchange-traded products.

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Oil, Energy ETFs on a Tear (USO, VDE, XLE)

Energy prices jumped yesterday on positive U.S. economic reports and a rise in Iran-related tension in the oil-rich Persian Gulf region, according to the article on Wall Street Sector Selector.

Oil prices have been rallying since early February, bringing West Texas Intermediate to a high of $108 per barrel yesterday, the article said.

Features and News

The Vivus ETF Effect

The SPDR S&P Pharmaceuticals ETF (NYSEArca: XPH) and the PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio (NYSEArca: PJP) nearly doubled their 2012 returns on Thursday, after an obesity drug from the biotech firm Vivus won approval from federal regulators, according to an article in Barron's. Analysis

The ETF First-Mover Effect

Is the first ETF in a segment always the biggest? I decided it was time for a closer look. Analysis

The Trouble With Niche ETFs

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece arguing some new ETFs are so narrowly focused they offer dubious value. I tend to agree. Analysis

ETF Inequality

Income inequality has been in the news quite a bit lately, and it got me thinking about ETFs. Analysis

Vanguard Blesses Foreign Debt

Vanguard is gearing up to enter the international bond space, a clear sign that non-U.S. fixed income has come of age. Analysis

ETFs Get Their DC Close-Up

Chatter surrounding ETFs has grown critical as they have gained in prominence, and the time is right for Congress to take a closer look.