Devin Riley

Devin Riley is a former ETF analyst at Analysis

Taxes And The HOLDRS Demise

The Merrill Lynch HOLDRS will soon be history, and that means investors have a few tax-related choices to make.

ETF Report

 Bigger Isn’t Always Better

You’ve got your black-box model of the global economy finally worked out and your investment thesis over the next two years scrawled in bold red letters on your whiteboard. Now the tough question: Which ETF do you choose? Analysis

Shorting Europe With ETFs

The European debt crisis is the financial story that refuses to go away, so investors may as well figure out a way to play it to their advantage. Analysis

iShares Missing The Point

iShares, the largest ETF issuer in the world, set off ripples in the ETF market by filing for the first actively managed, nontransparent fund. Analysis

Resisting The Urge To Trade

Flows indicate investors dumped ETFS in the past week of intense volatility. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they shouldn’t be doing. Analysis

Holding Tight In T-Bond ETFs

U.S. budget talks roiling markets and the economy weakening, I got curious about ETF investor confidence in long-term Treasurys. Analysis

Risky ETF Securities Lending?

Securities lending is generally hailed as a boon to ETF portfolios. But it’s worth pointing out potential risks. Analysis

Niche ETFs May Not Be Doomed

It surprises me how esoteric some funds are these days. But the success of some of these niche sector funds surprises me too. Analysis

Unhedged Int’l ETFs Can Hurt

It’s always surprised me that of the hundreds of international equity ETFs listed in the U.S., so few are currency-hedged.