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Devin Riley is a former ETF analyst at Analysis

Better Commodities ETFs

A recent report says registered investment advisors won’t recommend new commodity ETFs to their clients. What a shame. Analysis

Sector ETFs: Highly Classified

The classification scheme behind your sector ETF matters more than you think. Analysis

Do ETFs-Of-ETFs Make Sense?

Fund-of-fund ETFs get a bad reputation. But do they deserve the hate?


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 Emerging Europe ETFs: From Russia With Love

Investors in the broad-based emerging Europe ETFs may not be aware of it, but they love Russia, whether they like it or not. In a cap-weighted landscape, Russia’s gargantuan economy (2010 GDP is estimated at $1.4 trillion) dwarfs its Eastern European neighbors. The two emerging Europe ETFs on the market—the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Eastern Europe ETF (NYSE Arca: ESR) and the SPDR S&P Emerging Europe ETF (NYSE Arca: GUR)—both offer outsize exposure to Russia: The country gobbles up 63 percent of the SPDR, and more than 72 percent of the iShares fund. Analysis

Why Short SLV When You Can Go Long ZSL?

Silver’s at 31-year highs and SLV is hard to borrow. Maybe inverse funds aren’t so bad after all.

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 Are ETFs Wagging The Market?

As ETFs grow in popularity, they have branched out from their humble beginnings tracking the large, liquid stocks of the S&P 500 and into more remote corners of the market. ETFs now cover everything from Brazilian small-caps to rare earth metals miners. This means unprecedented exposure for U.S. investors—a boon by most measures—but also creates new problems. How do less-liquid markets respond to the tide of eager U.S. investor money flowing in through ETFs?

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Japan ETFs At Big Premiums Tuesday

Are premiums on Japan ETFs a sign of a bounce for Japanese stocks?

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Nielsen: Egypt Through The Lens Of MSCI

Egypt may lose its emerging markets status, but not without careful deliberation, MSCI says.