Drew Voros

Drew Voros is editor-in-chief of ETF.com, supervising the full suite of publications, newsletters and websites, including ETF.com and ETF Report. He has nearly 30 years' experience in financial journalism, including serving in his current role since 2012, and as the longtime business editor for the Oakland Tribune and sister papers of the Bay Area News Group, and finance writer for the Hollywood trade publication Variety.

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2 Free ETF Ideas

Maybe they’re fanciful, but here are two ETF ideas I would like to see.

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WealthStack New Wrinkle For Advisors & Fintech

New conference focuses on the relationship between advisory services and technology.

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ETF Vs ETF: Vice Vs Virtue

In the world of thematic ETFs, morality can play a role. But does it matter when it comes to performance?

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‘Say’ Helping Investors Be Heard

New firm trying to help bridge communication gap between investors and companies—and even ETFs.

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Facebook Faces ESG Index Music

World’s social media giant dropped from ESG indexes for governance issues.


Podcast: Credibility & A Tough Industry

Phil Bak turns the journalism table on ETF.com's Editor-in-Chief Drew Voros, interviewing him on the state of journalism and the ETF industry.

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Active At The Core Of AdvisorShares

ETF issuer is an active ETF idea issuer as well as a platform.

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Inside ETFs: Behind Newest Take On S&P 500

Syntax's Riggs explains what a stratified-weighted S&P 500 ETF looks like and how it can deliver outperformance.

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Inside ETFs: Behind FlexShares’ ETF Success

Northern Trust’s Darek Wojnar breaks down how the firm goes about product development.