Drew Voros

Drew Voros has nearly 30 years' experience in financial journalism. Since 2012, he has served as a longtime business editor for the Oakland Tribune and sister papers of the Bay Area News Group, and finance writer for the Hollywood trade publication Variety. His past roles have also included editor-in-chief at ETF.com and ETF Report.

Features and News

Population Growth Exposure Key To Utility ETFs

Issuer of active utility ETF says many index-based funds stuck in the Rust Belt.

Features and News

How Dynamic Currency Hedged ETFs Work

WisdomTree’s Luciano Siracusano discusses the firm’s most recent currency-hedged twist.

Features and News

New Fund Structure Akin To An ETF Incubator

Amplify’s Christian Magoon discusses the new ETF structure his firm is starting.

ETF Report

 Canadian Robo's Human Touch

Different rules make for a different experience.


ETF.com Podcast: Key Takeaways From Inside ETFs

ETF.com's Dave Nadig and Drew Voros discuss the important issues and trends addressed at the world's largest ETF conference.

ETF.com Analysis

‘We Guarantee You Won’t Lose Money’

What if financial advisors guaranteed capital preservation?


ETF.com Podcast: For ETFs, 2016 Was A Year For The Record Books

More new assets flowed in to U.S.-listed ETFs in 2016 than ever before.

Features and News

Robo Advisors A Touch More Human In Canada

Canadian regulation requires human intervention with each new client, something more and more U.S. robo advisors are doing.


ETF.com Podcast: 4 Big Themes Shaping Up For 2017

InsideETFs CEO Matt Hougan explains the big issues facing investors and the ETF industry next year.