Drew Voros

Drew Voros has nearly 30 years' experience in financial journalism. He was a longtime business editor for the Oakland Tribune and sister papers of the Bay Area News Group, and finance writer for the Hollywood trade publication Variety. Voros' past roles have also included editor-in-chief at ETF.com and ETF Report.

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Inside ETFs: Magoon On Blockchain ETFs

Founder and CEO of Amplify Funds talks about the strong initial demand of its new blockchain ETF, and why it's different.

Features and News

Quincy Jones On Investing, ‘Love, Trust & Respect’

Legendary music producer has his name on a streaming entertainment index; here’s why.

ETF.com Analysis

Free Idea: The Governance ETF

It’s not a matter of selecting good companies as much as weeding out the corporate problems.

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The Normalcy Behind ‘Abnormal Returns’

There’s a simple approach behind this investment website.

Features and News

The ‘Customer Is Always Right’ ETF

Two recently launched funds look at customer satisfaction and brand value as key metrics in picking stocks.

ETF.com Analysis

‘The ETF Story’ A Natural For Netflix

ETFs and Netflix have one thing in common: They both disrupted entrenched industries and became hated by the old guard.

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New ETF Jumps Into Pro Sports

SportsETFs focuses on making the sports world investable.

Weekly ETF Flows

Strong Weekly ETF Flows Puts Record At Hand

New annual inflows record could be a week away.

ETF.com Analysis

US ETF Industry: Ch-Ch-Changing

Small tremors in the ETF industry are starting to add up.