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Peter Schiff: Outlook For Currencies, Commodities and Gold

Chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital considers the fate of the U.S. dollar, the outlook for gold and the best currencies for the future.
  • The dollar will collapse ... eventually
  • The USDX is going to 40
  • A golden future (with caveats)

ETF Report

 Dr. Doom On Currencies: An Interview With Peter Schiff

Recently, the editors of ETFR had the opportunity to talk with Peter Schiff, president & chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a brokerage firm specializing in foreign stocks. He has earned some well-deserved recognition for correctly predicting the current meltdown in the economy and in the capital markets. We spoke with Mr. Schiff about where currency investors should be placing their bets in the coming years.

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All About TIPS

Many investors buy commodities looking for protection from inflation. TIPS offer an alternative, or can be used in conjunction with
commodities to achieve a double 'real return.'

  • How TIPS work – and why they're cheap right now
  • What they're saying about inflation over the next 10 years
  • Pairing them with commodities

ETF Report

 Commodities 2009: All Shook Out

2008 was a rough year for commodity investors. Asset flows into commodities ETFs suggest that many new investors believed the commodity bull was here to stay. Unfortunately for those taking long positions, the first half of 2008 may have been a classic bubble that burst. The proof is in the chart: The S&P GSCI (which includes 24 commonly traded commodities) collapsed by 53% from its July 3 peak to its lows in December 2008.

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Is Solar Losing Its Shine?

There are more clouds over the industry than just falling oil.
  • Basking in solar's glow
  • Rogue's gallery of under-performers
  • Credit crunch casting a shadow

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That Linking Feeling

An interview with Ed Kelly of Wood Mackenzie
  • Why gas and oil broke their linkage
  • Why they'll come back together by 2011
  • What that means for natural gas prices



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Analyst Says ‘Peak Oil Is Already Here’

The Big 5 exporters will stop exporting oil in 25 years, according to Jeffrey Brown. How does he know? He's seen it all before.
  • The examples of Texas, the U.K. and Mexico
  • The North Sea's rapid decline
  • Even Brazil can't save us

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Dollar Daze

The extreme volatility of the commodities markets these days can make it hard to see what's really happening. Neusner examines the big trends.

  • Has the dollar really reversed course?
  • Why is oil really falling?
  • What could reverse the reversal?

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Ship Ship Hooray!

Shipping companies that specialize in petroleum may represent opportunities for investors.
  • Supertankers ship more than one-fifth of the world's oil
  • Falling tanker rates, a slowdown in oil usage and too many tankers are risks
  • Four petroleum shipping companies are
    worth more than $1 billion