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 Renewing Our Bonds

Bonds are boring, right? Not anymore.

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Is Agriculture Still A Supermarket?

Why we're in the midst of a breather from a raging bull market in agricultural commodities.
  • Proposed limits on speculative trading
  • Corn belt still tightening?
  • The FAO's crystal ball


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One Way Or Another

Which is a better portfolio diversifier, REITs or commodities?

  • A look at correlations
  • Do correlations even matter?
  • Consider the underlying forces


Features and News

The Price Isn’t Right

Why are cash prices and futures prices different in the agricultural markets?

  • The impact of ETF assets
  • Barge prices and Hurricane Katrina
  • Academic analyses

Features and News

Here Come The Suns

Investors are getting interested in solar energy.

  • Claymore and Van Eck have both registered solar energy ETFs with the SEC
  • Investor interest in solar energy is strong
  • Global shortage of polysilicon, failure to meet Wall Street revenue expectations and slowdowns in previously strong markets are potential problems

Features and News

Mines' Eyes Have Not Seen The Glory

Gold prices have been going up up up. Why haven't gold mining stocks kept pace?

  • Gold funds or gold bullion?
  • Gold stocks fall in a recession
  • The safest of safe havens

Features and News

The Commodities You Already Own

Do you know what commodities are lurking in your S&P 500 equity positions?

  • Heavy on oil, light on gold
  • Minimal agricultural exposure
  • Developing an asset allocation plan with this in mind