Elisabeth Kashner

Elisabeth Kashner is FactSet's director of ETF research. She is responsible for the methodology powering FactSet's Analytics system, providing leadership in data quality, investment analysis and ETF classification. Kashner also serves as co-head of the San Francisco chapter of Women in ETFs.

Journal Of Indexes

The Half-Life Of Smart Beta

Reasons why the smart-beta gravy train won't last forever.

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Fama & Shiller: Great Democratizers

Their shared Nobel prizes tell us Fama and Shiller are really on the same team.

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 Why Target-Date Funds Miss Their Mark

And what needs to be done to ensure they deliver what investors are expecting.

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When Low Volatility Bites Back

Low volatility's recent rough patch points to one big question: What is really going on here?

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Why Low Volatility Is Losing Its Alpha

Recent underperformance of low-volatility funds is tied to their bias toward defensive stocks and lack of financials.

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Why The Dow's New Highs Aren't New At All

When it comes to celebrating the Dow's 'new high,' even Krugman is dropping the ball.

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Kauffman's Fuzzy ETF Math

Yesterday, Harold Bradley from the Kauffman Foundation delivered inflammatory testimony in Washington. Too bad the math was wrong. Again.