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Podcasts of ETF Prime are available on iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher Radio, and several other podcasting sites. Guest interviews can be accessed by visiting our ETF Expert CornerETF Prime airs every Tuesday at 3pm CST on ESPN 1510AM | 94.5FM in Kansas City and you can listen live online at or TuneIn Radio. Learn how to make ETFs a part of your investment portfolio as we spotlight individual ETFs and interview experts from all across the country.


ETF Prime Podcast: Niche Tech Fund Pros & Cons

Plus, spotlighting ‘LEND’; Vanguard’s latest fee cuts.


ETF Prime Podcast: Stocks Soar, Bond ETFs Shine

Plus, Morningstar’s fund fee study; spotlighting ‘DSTL.’

Features and News

ETF Prime Podcast: Marijuana ETFs Go Head-To-Head

Plus, YOLO’s manager looks under the hood, and Todd Rosenbluth talks ETF fees.


ETF Prime Podcast: Due Diligence & Investor Behavior

Plus, ETF exposure to IPOs; spotlighting ‘HOMZ.’


ETF Prime Podcast: Closet Indexing & Factor Investing

Plus, best- and worst-performing ETFs; spotlighting ‘TTAC.'


ETF Prime Podcast: Improving Financial Literacy

Plus, spotlighting smart-beta ETFs state of the union and ‘TRTY.’


ETF Prime Podcast: Awards Night Highlights

Plus, Astoria's John Davi on all-ETF portfolios and a look at the index underlying 'BFOR.'


ETF Prime Podcast: Innovation & Women In ETFs

Featuring Innovator's Bruce Bond and J.P. Morgan's Jillian DelSignore.


ETF Prime Podcast: Investor Education Challenges

Also, the role of alternative investment strategies.