ETF League Tables

ETF League Table As Of Aug. 3, 2018

State Street had the largest outflows of all ETF issuers on Friday, Aug. 3.

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ETF Week: FANG, Income Products Debut

Plus a recap of launches and closures for this year.

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Fri. Hot Reads: How VIX ETFs Help Portfolios

Also, growth still only hot in small-caps.

Daily ETF Flows

Outflows From 'SPY' Total $3B

The world's largest ETF topped the outflows list for Thursday, Aug. 2.

ETF League Tables

ETF League Table As Of Aug. 2, 2018

State Street and Vanguard were the only top ETF issuers to see net outflows from their products on Thursday, Aug. 2.

Daily ETF Watch

Asset Allocation ETF Launched

WisdomTree rolls out ‘balanced’ fund.

Daily ETF Watch

3 FANG Related ETNs Debut

RexShares rolls out three ETFs offering inverse and leveraged exposure to a concentrated basket of stocks.

Daily ETF Watch

2018 ETF Closures, Launches Up Through July

A record or two could be broken this year.

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Thurs. Hot Reads: Fidelity 1st To Offer No-Fee Funds

Also, study finds no link between ETFs and your junk bond drama.