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All's Well That Ends Well

Further to the Russell 2000 story, the assets, it turns out, went even lower than we'd reported, and they are ALL the way back. Furthermore, BGI indicated that this has become a bit of an annual tradition.

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Haiku Entries:

Five Winning Entries

Later, much later
After losing all my dough
I listened to Jack

There’s no John Bogle
My funds are crushed by high fees
The world hears my screams.

Bogle always said
Many pennies are dollars
Calmly I retire

Thanks to Jack Bogle
I will never have to fund
Some broker's Beemer

Brilliant flowers fade
Not so "Cost Matters" lesson
Bogle's Folly wins

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A Vaccine ETF? Three More From Claymore

The Claymore launches continue, with new ETFs tied to global exchanges, vaccines and a large-cap value ETF.

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Ameristock Launches Targeted Treasury ETFs

Will the new Ameristock/Ryan ETFs find room in the market? And will they track their indexes? Analysis

Gaming the iShares Russell 2000?

We just saw a very big, very gutsy play on the Russell 2000 at rebalance, and we're still working on putting all the pieces together. But it was BIG - big enough that very few market players would even dare to come up with the idea. I mean a $10 billion redemption on stock you don't even have? You've got to be kidding me. Analysis

Big Bucks and IWM Chicanery

The first thing to note on the Rydex deal is that it appears to have been considerablly less than the upper end of the rumors that had been floating around.  I'm hearing closer to $500 million than a billion.  What's your operation worth?

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PHLX Launches One-Off Sector Indexes

The PHLX launches four new specialty indexes: a sports index, anyone?

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Housing Continues To Crumble

The newest S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, showing data through April 2007, continue to paint a bleak picture of the U.S. housing industry. Analysis

Rydex Sweepstakes Over

As it turns out, the winner of the Rydex sweepstakes is neither E*Trade nor Invesco: A Kansas-based company called Security Benefit has purchased the Maryland-based investment management company for an as-yet-undisclosed sum.