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ETF Fund Flows Report: Week Ending 1/25/08

The latest creation/redemption activity for U.S.-listed ETFs

Features and News

S&P Launches Global Dividend Indexes

New 100-stock indexes cover the world and the world ex-U.S. Analysis

Not Quite Right, Jim

I didn't say that we should ban certain types of products, Jim. Quite the contrary. Analysis

Guys Named Rob And Hougan's Folly

What is it with guys named Rob? Longtime index agitator Rob Arnott has now been joined on these pages by a Vanguard Diehard agitator named Rob Bennett. Analysis

Five Golden Rules For The ETF Industry

If the ETF industry is going to continue to thrive, it should stick by these five rules.

Features and News

WisdomTree, Dreyfus Team Up On New Cash ETFs

WisdomTree enters into a co-branding agreement on its planned lineup of cash ETFs. Analysis

Free Money and Rogue Index Traders

Despite the free government money, my favorite story of the day is the one about the Société Générale junior (index arb) trader who somehow managed to lose them $7.2 billion. Analysis

What Should I Do With My $1,500?

It looks like President Bush is going to send me a $1,500 check. Analysis

Bill Gates, Indexing And Capitalism

Bill Gates is coming out with a plea for a new, kinder, gentler capitalism just as indexing enters "frontier" markets.