Journal Of Indexes

Another Look At S&P 500 Retail Index Funds

 Are S&P 500 funds a financial commodity?

Journal Of Indexes

Talking Indexes: Intelligent Investing

As the chair of the S&P Index Committee, I hear a lot of discussion as to why it is difficult for active managers to outperform the S&P 500.

Journal Of Indexes

The Importance Of Investment Income

One of the great unexplained curiosities of the mutual fund industry is its unwillingness to call attention to the vital role of investment income in shaping the returns on equities. 

Journal Of Indexes

Do Vanguard’s Managed Funds Beat Its Index Funds?

Looking for prescient stock and style selection Analysis

Adjust for What?

It is nice to have Hougan to pick on again - he makes such an easy target with his vague meandering posts. Analysis

Adjust For Volatility?

Sit on your hands, huh Wiandt? That's your advice for the worried masses? Analysis

Feeling Queasy?

With the economy and the Fed seemingly in panic mode, what should we do? Analysis

Bear Stearns Active ETF Not Listing Tomorrow

The Bear Stearns Current Yield Fund will not list tomorrow, and the race for the first actively managed ETF moves on.

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Chinese, Indian Currency ETNs Launch

New ETNs track renminbi, rupee.