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Ades Leaves Dow Jones, Joins FTSE

Ades to head alternative assets unit. Analysis

SPY vs. IVV Revisited

IVV hasn't taken any assets from SPY, Jim. But the competition between those two funds proves my point. Analysis

Yes...and no, Matt

The issues around ETF expense ratios are more complex than you lay out. Analysis

Do Expense Ratios Matter?

Jim's ETF revenue analysis raises an important question: Do investors care about expense ratios? Analysis

Still Waiting For More Currency ETNs

Among the 450-odd filings still gathering dust, one exchange-traded note sticks out as an idea whose time had definitely come. Analysis

Cliffs Notes on ETF Families

Due to the popularity of my look atETFs by revenues, I've broken down fund families by revenues, average and meanERs. While you may intuitively know some of this data, some of the results maysurprise you. Analysis

MacroShares 2.0

The MacroShares are dead. Long live the MacroShares! Analysis

Termination Complete

Well that is really it for the MacroShares Oil Up and Down ETFs, Round 1.

Features and News

ETF Fund Flows Report: Week Ending 4/4/08

Investors poured more than $9 billion into ETFs for the week ending April 4, 2008, showering the industry with new money and pushing total assets over management above $600 billion.