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Precious Metals ETFs

Finally, platinum investors get their wish … in London.

ETF Report

 Screening the ETF world

When our advisory switched over to all- ETF portfolios in 2000, we developed various screening processes to determine which ETFs to include in client portfolios...

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High Yield, High Prices

BGI’s new high-yield bond fund rings the register at 50 bps; opens up high-yield marketplace.

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Competition In Bonds

ETF investors get a new choice for fixed-income; Vanguard pushes the envelope on costs.

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Nasdaq China (Index)

Nasdaq’s growing index business eyes China: large-cap tilt, built for ETFs.

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Slow Grow

S&P sees earnings growth shuttering to a halt, and stocks too.

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Fundamentally Schwab

Chuck Schwab ties up the rights to the RAFI indexes for U.S. mutual funds.

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iShares launches a new preferred stock ETF; how does it stack up with the PowerShares fund?