Staff Analysis

Termination Day

The way I figure it, today is D-day for the MacroShares crude oil ETFs. Analysis

ETF Data Geeks Dream Table III

As the first follow-up to my popular tabulation of ETF fund revenues, I offer you a view from the bottom.

Features and News

Straight From The Source: Ron Ryan talks with Ron Ryan, founder and CEO of Ryan ALM Inc. Analysis

It's All About Front-Running

The real question with these new active ETFs is not active vs. passive. It is, "Does front-running matter?" Analysis

And They're Off!

We finally REALLY have actively managed ETFs in the market. And many more are to come. Here's why it is a big deal.

Features and News

PowerShares Gets Active - Active ETFs, That Is...

The long-awaited actively managed PowerShares ETFs finally launched April 11, significantly expanding what had been a field of one. Analysis

Social Networking Gone Haywire

When the former managing director at XShares Group LLC recently jumped to a larger asset manager, his updated data on the LinkedIn social network caused quite a stir. Analysis

ETF Data Geeks Dream Table II

In writing my blog, I've put together some very interesting data about the actual size, revenue-wise, of the U.S. ETF industry. Analysis

Total Stock Market vs. Slice 'N Dice

Ah, I see you wanna turn this into a TSM philosophical investing argument ... fine. But let's not stray too far away from the cold hard facts.