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The Superbowl Of Indexing: 2007 reports back to you on this year's Superbowl of Indexing. Analysis

Taxes And ETNs

The new IRS ruling on taxation for currency ETNs strikes me as hugely important, and not just for ETNs. Analysis

Message From the REAL Rob Arnott

Matt, I'm shocked that you would suggest that I breached your firewall. Telling Jim that he gained 70 pounds and morphed into a guy that the defenders of the status quo love to hate? If I were Jim, I'd never forgive you.

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IRS Ends Tax Advantage For Currency ETNs

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a ruling that ends the tax advantage that currency-based exchange-traded notes (ETNs) have over competing currency products, such as the CurrencyShares exchange-traded funds (ETFs) issued by Rydex Investments. Analysis

Did Rob Arnott Take Over Jim’s Blog?

I think we have a breach of our Web site firewall, Jim. Because I'm pretty sure Rob Arnott wrote that last blog, and not you. Analysis

Poor Maggie

Now that we've see what Matt actually invests in, we can only feel sorry for the future of poor Maggie, Matt's baby daughter.

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New High Yield Bond ETF Debuts

SSgA's new junk bond ETF offers stiff competition to competing funds.

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Van Eck Enters Muni Market

Van Eck launches an intermediate-term muni bond ETF, as the competition continues in that space.

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Is This A Better Way To Play Oil?

Victoria Bay rolls out its new 12-month oil fund.