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Chinese, Indian Currency ETNs Launch

New ETNs track renminbi, rupee. Analysis

Boring Little Details?

And if you notice in all of the dour news reports today, Matt, little mention is being made of the chances that Bear Stearns might be up for sale.

ETF Report

 The New GreenHaven Commodity ETF Examined

GreenHaven Commodity Services has launched the latest broad-based commodity exchange-traded fund (ETF), the GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index (GCC). They filed for it back in October, but now it’s actually in the wild, and I consider this an overwhelmingly good thing. Analysis

No Fallout From Bear Stearns On ETN So Far

News that Bear Stearns is facing a liquidity crisis has had no major impact on the BearLinx Alerian MLP Select Index ETN so far. Analysis

A Race To The Starting Line

The race to launch the first actively managed ETF is really a race to the starting line. Analysis

PowerShares Now Cast As Dark Horse?

Okay, so a firm date has been set for the first active ETF. But don't count Bruce Bond out just yet. Analysis

Is SEC Opening Floodgates?

The move by federal regulators to streamline the launching of ETFs isn't getting rave reviews in all circles.

Features and News

UBS Commodity Index Tracks Food Price Inflation

UBS's new index tracking food commodities captures a somewhat darker - but profitable - trend underlying the general commodities boom: The inflation of food prices. Analysis

ETF Data Geek Paradise

I have the best table I've seen in a long time for you ETF data lovers.