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Two (Or Three) Cheers Is Right

Two cheers is right, Jim: the SEC is right on the ball with the most recent announcement.

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ETF Fund Flows Report: Week Ending 2/29/08

Industry sees $3.3 billion in net creation activity, while ProShares sees the largest creations by family. Plus, total family assets. Analysis

DBA Is Full-Up

Want to know how big the commodity boom is? The PowerShares DB Agriculture ETF—or DBA—is basically full. Analysis

Please Call Me An Idiot!

Very kewl: I've been called some really nasty names in print! And not just by my boss ... Analysis

Thoughts On Active ETFs

I spent most of last week talking to people about actively managed ETFs. Reporters, investors, product developers ... everybody was in a tizzy about the new developments. Analysis

Not All Is Green In ETF Land

No matter what you call it—clean technologies or alternative energy—ETFs are flocking to the market. Apparently, so are venture capitalists.

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Launch Of Active ETFs Imminent

Long-awaited active ETFs are poised to hit the markets.

Features and News

Leveraged And Inverse Gold ETNs Launch

Deutsche Bank leapfrogs ProShares in the race for leveraged commodity products. Analysis

Morningstar's Fair Value Vs. Bobo

Bobo, our favorite dart-throwing chimp, typically only makes his stock selections known to Jim. But after Morningstar released the following statement today, he couldn't wait for our fearless leader's return from vacation.