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The Real Deal on Northern Trust

Today I thought I would provide a broader analysis of the Northern Trust NETS ETF filings. We'll bring Matt in here for some debate as well. Analysis

Rydex Launch Should Make Things Interesting

Rydex comes in with leverage at 70 basis points. Can they chip into ProShares' $9 billion and growing? Is there a lawsuit on the way? Also, with Northern Trust, the biggest part of that story is the little indexes they've locked in with big brand names.

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Rydex Launches Leveraged, Inverse ETFs

New ETFs offer similar strategy to ProFunds ETFs, but cheaper.

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STOXX Covers Balkans Blue Chips

New index is the first to cover the Balkans region. Analysis

Schoenfeld Never Tells Me ANYTHING

Longtime friend and one-time business partner Steven Schoenfeld's operation is coming out with the "One ETF To Rule Them All"? He never tells me anything. Analysis

One ETF To Rule Them All

Rejoice! The ETF powers that be have promised to deliver a true global ETF.

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Northern Trust Files For ETFs

Northern Trust has made its long-anticipated move into the ETF marketplace, and it is attacking the space with vigor.

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PowerShares To Launch First VRDO ETF

ETF provider to launch VRDO fund and two other fixed income ETFs November 15. Analysis

5 ETFs That Fool No One

For all the ETFs that put on the razzle-dazzle to the point of confusion, there are still plenty of transparent, obvious ETFs for the more dowdy index investors.