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An Interview With Scott Ebner talks with Scott Ebner about the ETF market and the Amex.


Journal Of Indexes

Tracking Error And The Efficient Frontier

A look at tracking error on the portfolio level.

Journal Of Indexes

The New 130/30

An alternate approach to implementing enhanced long strategies. 

Journal Of Indexes

Talking Indexes - When The Data Change ...

When a crisis hits, cash and Treasuries are king, and everything else is trouble.

Journal Of Indexes

That Was Then, This Is Now

Five titans look back on 50 years of the S&P 500.

Journal Of Indexes

The Benefits of Low Correlation

Why low correlations matter for retirement. Analysis

Is Wiandt Wising Up? (Nah)

While Jim waxes nostalgic about his Buckeye childhood, he continues to turn a blind eye to the reality of the real estate market. Analysis

Could Hougan Be Right? (Nah)

Do you remember those freefall rides when they first came out ... they were revolutionary. At Cedar Point in northwest Ohio, the ride was called the Demon Drop—a pure adrenaline rush simulating a plunge off a 10-story building. That's a little how the real estate market feels right now. 

Features and News

House Prices Fall Nationwide

10-City Composite suffers worst decline since April 1991.