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Features and News

Bet On The Dollar

PowerShares files for new ETFs based on the U.S. Dollar Index, allowing investors to bet on the strength of the U.S. dollar.

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The Best In The World

In the U.S., Claymore files for new quant-driven international and world ETFs, filling a gap in the alpha-ETF industry.

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Competition In Canada

Claymore Advisors injects some much-needed competition into the Canadian ETF market with the launch three new funds.

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Everybody's Options

Nasdaq announces plans to launch an options exchange, as options volume continues to soar; plus, Deutsche Borse just won't give up.

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Hedge The Office Building

The real estate derivatives market takes a huge step forward, as CME announces plans for commercial real estate derivatives.

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IPO Party Like It's 1999

STOXX rolls out IPO indexes in Europe, while ABN Amro launches new index certificates tied to the Schuster IPO index in Europe.

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From A(luminum) To Z(inc)

ETF Securities announces plans to launch 29 new commodities ETFs, including 19 individual commodity funds.

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Talking Indexes

Today, almost every index claims to be “investable.”
But what does that really mean? And is it even true?