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Investors in expensive mutual funds get hit twice: They pay high fees and get poor performance in return.

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Dow Jones Debuts Enhanced Micro-Cap Index

Things are getting mighty crowded in the micro-cap space, with a new enhanced index from Dow Jones and two ETFs in the works.

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Suddenly Sectors

The options exchanges are launching proprietary sector indexes left and right; be ready for a battle for market share.

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PowerShares Launches Sector Funds, Crosses $1 Billion Mark

With the launch of eight sector funds, PowerShares takes one step closer to becoming a “one-stop shop” for investors pursuing asset allocation strategies. Plus, more dividend funds are on the way

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Turning Japanese

Less than two months after entering the Chinese market, MSCI sets its sights on Japan.

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Tax Law Benefits Index Options

Index options allow investors to take advantage of the 60/40 rule, lowering the tax bite for short-term holdings.

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Rydex Expands Currency Products, Complements Euro ETF

With its Euro ETF still years away from the market, Rydex launches two index funds playing both sides of the dollar; plus, a new commodities fund.

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Silver ETF Filed By Barclays

The new silver fund echoes the successful gold ETFs, holding physical bullion in a vault as its core asset; speculators call for a rally.

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Fund Fee War Catching Fire In Europe

UBS slashes fees on four of its leading ETFs, undercuts competition for high-net-worth investors.