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Priced to Perfection

Matt - your blog on CPI really brings to mind the fragility of global markets and the global economy. It seems like a funny thing to say during a go-go market, I know. Analysis

Reflexive Inflation?

One of my favorite indexes, and certainly one of the mostimportant in the world, is the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Analysis

GDP Weighting

Matt's comments the other day, together with the "alternative weighting" panel we're recording today for Journal of Indexes made me think about some things, like China. Analysis

Putting it All on Black

I like that ultimate contrarian play, but it may be a bit too diversified.  For that real home run opportunity, you might look at putting it all in the Bobo-Dex 10.

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Top And Bottom ETF Performers, First Half

The Market Vectors Steel (AMEX: SLX) turned in the best first-halfperformance of any exchange-traded fund (ETF), posting a 42.46 percentrise since January. That easily topped the nearest competition, theiShares Brazil (NYSE: EWZ) fund, which turned in a 30.8% return.Clearly, metals, energy and emerging markets were the places to be forthe first half of this year. Analysis

The China Conundrum

A Wall Street Journal article this morning got me thinking about the growing disconnect between market-cap weighted indexes and the GDP-share of emerging economies, and in particular, China.

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WisdomTree EM: A 6.5% Yield

Six point five percent.

That's the headline number for the new WisdomTree emerging marketsexchange-traded fund (ETF), which launched today on the New York StockExchange (NYSE). The dividend-weighted fund, called the WisdomTreeEmerging Markets High-Yielding Equity Fund (NYSE: DEM), tracks an indexwith an eye-popping gross yield of 6.47 percent. Analysis

Here's My Plan, Jim

We take all the stocks excluded from the fundamental indexes; all the stocks that don't pay dividends; all the stocks shunned by the Intellidex indexes, rotated out of sector rotation ETFs and cast aside by the quant strategies. 

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Claymore Goes Global

Claymore is on a roll. With roughly 30 exchange-traded funds (ETFs)introduced since last September, the fund group is expanding itsproduct line-up at a rapid pace. The latest two launches are globalvariations of strategies available in older funds. Christian Magoon,senior managing director of product development, says the firm isworking toward developing suites of products.