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Dow Jones Titans Expands To Turkey, Arab Countries

Dow expands blue-chip index franchise to a new Turkey Titans 20 and Arabia Titans 50.

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Barclays PLC Shares Move on Takeover Rumor

Barclays PLC, parent company of BGI, which manages iShares, and is the worlds second largest investment manager, have moved lately on takeover speculation.

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Community Bankers Index Goes Live

The Community Bankers NASDAQ Index, founded late last year, has gone live and will now allow investors to track the sector in real time.

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NYSE In The News

The Big Board made front pages across the world last week by annoucing its intention to move toward more electronic trading. Few investors know that index and ETF investing sits squarely at the frontlines of the NYSE's move.

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S&P 500 On Course to Set Operating Earnings/Share Record

The S&P 500 has reached historically high earnings per share levels as profits are up and share prices are down. Economy awaits translation to jobs and growth.

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Dow Jones Licenses Italy Titans 30 To Eurex

Eurex has inked a deal with Dow Jones Indexes to Licence the Italy Titans 30 for futures contracts.

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Ryan Leaves Firm He Founded to Start Investment Management Business

Ron Ryan has left the firm he founded in 1988, Ryan Labs, which was the developer of innovative fixed-income indexes, to start a new investment management firm.

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FTSE Hedge Goes Live

FTSE hedge fund index now calculated in real time.

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Bogle’s Corner

With massive commingled account investing, many shareholders are forgoing their duties. Large funds share some of the blame for the governance debacle.