ETF Report

 EXCHANGE-TRADED FUNDS For the week ending October 20 2000

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.

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Exchange Traded Everything

Managers of portfolios with commodity exposures may see the day when they are investing in exchange-traded products covering more commodities than they currently imagine.

Journal Of Indexes

Swapping Your Way Into European Credits

J.P. Morgan has introduced an index of credit exposure to Europe based on credit swaps. It is intended to solve a difficult problem for traditional bond investors: How to build a balanced investment in the European fixed-income market. It achieves much broader diversification than existing credit indexes that track outstanding bond issuance. The principle may be applicable to other credit markets.

Journal Of Indexes

How Much Higher Can The Market Go?

With the arresting title “ Dow 36,000 ,” James K. Glassman and Kevin A. Hassett tell us, in the memorable words of Jimmy Durante, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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Spotting The Next

Internet stocks with returns exceeding 1000% in less than two years are reported. Numerous
investment firms that chose not to invest in Internet stocks have badly trailed their peers in performance.

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Here, At The S&P 500

The stocks in the index most widely used by the financial industry are determined by a combination of general guidelines and the human judgment of a nine-person committee.

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Does Size Matter?

Stock indexes differ widely in terms of their composition. What effect, if any, does this have on
the efficiency of stock index futures?

Journal Of Indexes

A Short Course in Currency Overlay

Plans, in general, have widely differing characteristics and objectives depending on plan maturity, workforce/retiree ratio, risk tolerance, legal restrictions, etc. There is no single currency policy that will be optimal for all. Each needs to develop a currency policy that suits its particular characteristics and objectives. Creating a currency policy requires that a number of decisions be made, and this article explores those decisions and their impact.