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Vanguard Loses Netherlands Head. Again.

Ronald Nagel jumps ship for AllianceBernstein after just eighteen months at the head of Vanguard’s Netherlands office.

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Philadelphia Goes All (And We Mean All) Electronic

As options volumes continue to set records, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange confirms rumors that it will floor-based trading.

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Of Pensions And Hedge Funds

A new bill will make it easier for pension plans to invest in hedge funds, putting pressure on traditional asset managers.

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ISE Unveils New Water Index

The ISE unveils new index options for the most precious resource of all, as its index options business continues to gain traction.

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NYSE Trading Rights Auction Underwhelms

The NYSE accepts the absolute minimum bid for trading rights on the floor of the exchange.

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Refco Scandal Engulfs Fund Tracking S&P Hedge Fund Index

The “investable” version of the S&P Hedge Fund Index gets tangled up in the Refco scandal, and Rydex shutters its fund.

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IRS Ruling Threatens Commodities Index Fund

An IRS ruling threatens to undermine the tax status of PIMCO's commodity index fund, and may hurt returns.

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NYSE Seat Prices: A Lesson In Indexing

The last seat ever to sell on the NYSE goes for $3.575 million. Meanwhile, the NYSE Group sets circuit breakers for 2005.

Journal Of Indexes

Bogle’s Corner

Index icon John Bogle weighs in on scandalous practices in mutual fund marketing.