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All I Want For Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays, Jim, I'm not going to reply to your latest taunt. (Chicken Little? Have you looked at the real estate market lately?) Instead, I'm going to go with a more traditional approach: the Wish List.

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Emerging Market Debt Gets Its Second ETF

The new iShares ETF, EMB, joins PowerShares' PCY. 

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PowerShares Expands "Strategy" Offerings

The first BuyWrite ETF becomes available to investors, with more strategy funds on the way. Analysis

Nice One Matt

Heading into vacation, Matt really mailed in that blog yesterday (like the Cavs last night in Madison Square Garden). I've got plenty of time to hurl insults with no reply now. Should be fun. Analysis

Making Even Better

While we're at it, Jim, let's open up the floor to general comments from the field.

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Holy Grail: Second Active ETF In Registration

Grail Advisors has filed the second-ever prospectus for an actively managed equity exchange-traded fund (ETF).  (Clarification added.) Analysis

OUR Year In Review

I was looking for something I could attack Hougan for in his blog. Hard to attack encouraging SAVING though. So here's an update on our latest hires and the inner goings-on of Index Publications. Analysis

Hougan's Secret To Successful Investing

Clements' "soda dollar" switcheroo is such genius that Clements should be elected to parenting hall of fame.

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Buy Chinese Real Estate (With This ETF)

Claymore's new China real estate ETF combines two hot markets into one.